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Vinyl Tag Protectors

Simple vinyl tag pouches can save lives. What may seem like a simple vinyl tag, paper tag, poly is actually a permanent record tag that is required by law.

World infrastructure is strained by age and usage. Vinyl tag protector installed over information tag preserves mission critical records. Bridges and buildings are collapsing.

Tag protectors are used to guard label tags against weather, dirt and wear.

Catastrophic accidents cause preventive legislation to protect against recurrence. Law require compliance, compliance the requires training and information to be posted. Tag deterioration, separation means you are not in compliance. Vinyl tag protectors will keep you legal.

Lock and tag or lock-out tag-out safety procedures were rewritten after 100's died on offshore oil platform disaster in the North Sea. Contact us for lock out tag out solutions.

Heavy duty vinyl tag pouches and vinyl tag protector are reusable.

A few noted applications for vinyl tag protectors are inventory tags, lockout tags, schedules, maintenance record, securing hazardous energy. Use on chemical tanks, transformer switch boxes, industrial valves, container ships.
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