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11x17 Large Capacity Ring Binder

11 X 17 Large Capacity Ring Binder

Super duty large capacity turned edge 11x17 ring binder. Easily handles 4 -5 inches of paper capacity. Double locking super duty angle "D" ring mechanisms will keep your 11x17 documents from popping out. Two piece front cover that allows you to start your book at 1 inch of paper and allow the front cover to close.  Library grade bukram will last a very long time and has grippe texture to keep the binder from slipping out of your hands. Optional recessed label holder or self adhesive label holder.  We use only premium boards that are twice as thick as the industry standard because this is not your typical ring binder.  Hand made in the USA.
$75  11x17 large capacity 5 inch ring binder - Item # 11x17TE5B 
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