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Index Card Binder

$13.49 ea 

Index card 2 ring binder for 3x5 index lined rule cards.  40 3x5 2 hole punched index cards are included with each index ring binder.  Arrestox book cloth hand wrapped around stiff binder board a quality you can feel in your hands. Nickel plated 2 ring binder metal with 4-1/4" center to centers with a 1 inch capacity. Holds up to 100 index cards.  2 hole punched 3x5 index cards are available for purchase if you need more. 

We love to use them for quick notes that we need to keep around such as passwords, recipes, and instructions for others.  Attach a sticky back magnet on the back or a small chain and keep it near machinery for quick reference.  Small enough to keep on your kitchen counter for on the fly adjustments to recipes.
Hand crafted in USA

We can customize these 3x5 index ring binders with screen printing, hot foil stamping, and digital wrapped full color print.  

List Price  34.80        discounted to  13.49 Ea


3x5 Index Card still persist  in fcae of declining stationery store sales. Big Box 2 ring binder sales are now toast. Amazon Fire just introduced (2016) new electronic tablets so economical they sell as a six (6) pack.
More electronic data storage (books) less paper documents. Paper mills have been closing in USA for over  25 years. 

A few intrepid individuals continue to use 3x5 index cards. They appear to be the quick witted among us; embracing the iPAD, tablets and 3x5 index cards. 2 ring binder my be their creative spot for new content, ideas.

Ever wonder how 3x5 index card systems were developed?  Not!

Small index cards 3x5 came about as a force of nature. Yes nature.  Learned men on that pale blue dot were beginin to stir about with focused interest in the flora of planet earth. Sailing ships had been dispatched through out the  earth on botanical missions. New plant specimens
needed to be given a scientific indentity and properly recorded on paper documents. Index card binder was to have a Swedish connection.

Mid 1700s a Swedish physician Carolus Linneaus  found himself  immersed in paper documents as he studied the flora.. Linneaus  became world famous as the Father of Taxonomy. To be able to update , file and refile the ever increasing number of new plant discoveries he annotated his science notes on small "slips of paper" that ultimately became 3x5 index cards. Was this the advent of data processing ?  That unique prehensile thumb was beginning to kick in.

Modern 3x5 index card product is over 100 years old, tracing back to Carolus Linneaus  work over 250 years. Index card binder is well established.

Oxford Esselte developed a Poly Index Card binder over 25 years ago. Their major customer for 2 ring binder 3x5 index card binder distribution cannalibilzed the design.  A paper converter Roaring Springs imported a similar copy of Oxford Poly Index Card 2 ring binder.

Oxford Poly ring binder was durable and economical 2 ring binder with 3x5 index cards included. Filler pack  of prepunched 3x5 index cards were sold. Sadly it is difficult to locate the original brand names in stock at Big Box Staples, Home Depot  stationery stores.

Plastics sometimes don't serve all consumers equally well. Polyethylene plastics ring binders with  small width  poly case  have a memory; that it to say it just will not close like a book should. A few persistent complainers contacted Crane Binder . We listened intently. The solution is a  Book cloth hard case binder with fabric hinges that last and  close normally. Hard cover Book friendly. The 2 ring index card binder in Slate grey is dark you may call it black. You will love the handsome linen finish. Tactile feel of cloth.

Carolus Linnaeus built index card holder for his work. He used index cards in developing his Binominal System of Nomenclature.

Crane has developed White Leather  index card executive activity  glove box  organoizers
for Tesla    MODEL 3 EV.


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