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Hanging Post Binders

Hanging Post Binder

Green S-SHP binder is an available custom color, stock colors are navy and black.

Hanging post binders are versatile  in that you can file them away in a cabinet or shelf them.  The hangers slide in and out with a snap lock that has a solid feel. Talking about feel, these Crane Binder Technology  S-SHP binders are hand turned with library grade buckram in stock colors and custom colors.  The book cloth is turned over thick board that is triple the thickness of the industry standard.  Lined with a coated 10pt stock.  This binder is up to the task of industrially use for many years of daily use.  

Made in St. Louis, MO.  Many color variations are offered, please call for availability. Stock colors are black or blue.


$20   2"
$28   3"

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