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Expandable Post Binders

Expandable Post Binders
Industrial grade polyurethane gives superior service for hard working large capacity catalog binders. Crane Binder Technologies Super Duty expanding post binders extra thick polyurethane case covers, .110 gauge/7/64", 2.88mm and will stand alone.

Expandable polyurethane catalog post binder will not rip or tear.  High traffic poly post binder purchase one and give it a workout! Popular among engineering groups at ComEd, FPL Group and PGE. Custom screen printing and artwork services are available in house.

We offer two size post, industry standard 3/16" and the SUPER DUTY 1/4" post.
$61.25 ea
$36.44 ea  (3/16" post)

$85.42 ea
$47.42 ea   (1/4" post)

3 Inch Trojan Post Binder
Catalog Post Binder Trojan Metal Spine Back Expandable

The Trojan expandable post binder could be called the work horse of catalog post binders.  Full QCV nickel plated spine & 90 degree stubs provides a very ridge support and expandability from 3 inches to 5 inches.  Library grade buckram book cloth hand turned over strong graphic boards with round corners. 11 x 8-1/2 letter sheet size. Self adhesive label holder available in checkout. Custom colors are available but do have a 2-3 week turnaround time and a price increase.

Built to last decades.  Hand made in the USA.

$131.47 ea
$81.39 ea 

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