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Easel Binder Presentation Tabletop Easel Binders display

Easel binders provide your presentation with illustrations, charts and other visuals that makes your message clear.  
Speaking of clear these are clear view binders, this is an affordable way to make your binder custom.  These presentation binders are better quality than what big box retail stores sell and are made in the USA.  Thicker vinyl and board makes it rigid and has better support when in easel presentation position.

Three ring easel binder with the rings on the 11" side is called landscape style is the most popular because it uses standard 3 hole sheet protectors. We also sell a 3 ring easel binder with the rings on the 8 1/2" side and this is called portrait style and uses our heavy duty vinyl sheet protectors with the holes punched on the 8 1/2" side. 

The 1 1/2" easel binder will hold 60 heavyweight vinyl page protectors or 120 heavyweight poly page protectors for 120 and 240 views respectively.  The 1" easel binder will hold 40 heavyweight vinyl or 80 heavyweight poly page protectors.

Note: The landscape style easel binder uses 3 hole on the 11" side sheet protectors and we offer those in a variety of weights.

2nd note: The portrait style easel binder uses a 3 hole on the 8 1/2" side and we currently only offer this sheet protector in vinyl.  
1-1/2" Easel Binder - Choose orientation & color in cart  

$28.13 ea
$19.91 ea (3+)
$16.84 ea (15+)
$14.22 ea (50+)
$11.36 ea (100+)

1" Easel Binder - Choose orientation & color in cart  

$20.83 ea
$17.41 ea  (3+)
$13.72 ea (15+)
$12.20 ea (50+)
$11.98 ea (100+)
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