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Bulk Vinyl Binders

Cheap Binder Buy Bulk 3 Ring Binders

Bulk 3 ring 1 inch vinyl binders at unbelievable low cost.  Cheap prices based on using "end of roll" vinyl cut offs.  Excess left over materials are from custom binder manufacturing.  Vinyl ring binders are sealed vinyl film over stiff boards with rivet style fasteners. Non-view, no correspondence pockets.  Style is basic office supply type such as Wilson Jones 368 line and Sparco.  Assorted vinyl colors in carton may vary by case.  Black, red, white, green, blue and some non traditional vinyl colors from crane vinyl swatch book.  11 x 8 1/2 inch sheet size 1 inch paper capacity round ring binder revet style non view. Catalog retail suggested list is up to $4.20 each. The sale cost is below manufacturing cost.


Case of 10 for only $9.87


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$9.87   case of 10!
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