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Technical drawings or drafting is sometimes still refereed to as blueprints or bluelines.  Today we are able to print on a plotter for CAD.  Whenever the engineers are standing around on the job looking over the engineering drawing with coffee in hand, sometimes there are accident spillage.  To protect your technical drawings, try our blueprint print protectors.  Made of poly, with no ink transfers and very adaptable to climate changes.  Easy to layout and organize blueprint storage. 36" x 24" open on the 36" for easy insert of your engineering drawings, no holes punched.  Other uses are for 24x36 movie posters protectors.

blueprint 24x36 technical drawing protectors drafting

CB36X24    $4.77 EA    36" x 24" Blueprint Protector        add to cart

11x17 engineering drawings sheet protectors11x17 for easy transportation and presentation to clients.  11x17 sheet protectors made of poly just like the 24x36 blueprint protectors except with 7 hole punching on the 11" side to fit multi-ring and standard US 3 ring binders.  Open on the 17" for easy insert of your technical drawings.  Archival properties of the poly will not lift ink or smear drawings.  Very adaptable in climate changes.

CB11X17P    $1.09 EA    11x17 Blueprint Protector            add to cart

binder furniture storage blueprint technical manuals
We carry many other products for your drafting storage and protection. If interested in custom manufactured blueprint storage and hangers, please call for a quote.

For more information of blueprint paper sizes, here is a link to Wiki

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