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11 x 17 Paper

Incredible reinforced 3 hole 11 x 17 paper with no build up, a ream of reinforced paper has the same height at the reinforced section as the opposite end.  Print with laser or ink jet with out worries of jamming.  This is the ultimate project/engineering 11 x 17 paper when you need the security of mylar reinforcement and non of the build up.  

We are giving away FREE hole punching when you purchase a ream of plain (non-reinforced) 11 x 17 paper for a limited time.  (Standard 3 hole c-c on the 11" side) 

Custom hole punching is available and we can easily punch any amount of holes in any place you like such as 5 hole punched 17x11 paper.  If it is just a ream or a skid of paper, we can handle it in house. Turn around times are a single day.  We have a commercial grade Lawson paper hole press that has hollow drills that drill a ream like a hot knife cutting butter.

11 x 17 reinforced paper blue print engineering drawings 11x17 ream

$42  Ream of reinforced 11 x 17 paper, 96 brightness, 24#

$23  Half ream of reinforced 11 x 17 paper, 96 brightness, 24#

11 x 17 paper plain hole punched 11x17 ream
Pictured above is plain 11 x 17 with our exclusive FREE hole punching option. You will have an option for FREE HOLES in the shopping cart, if left unchecked you will receive NON-PUNCHED.

$16  Ream 11 x 17 paper, 92 brightness, 20#, FREE holes as option

$9    Half ream 11 x 17 paper, 92 brightness, 20#, FREE holes as option

Do not risk your project's end results with 3 hole punch performed by office personal or outside copy centers.  Their equipment is not set for volume 3 hole punching (alignment issues).  Insist on FACTORY 3 hole punch papers.

We super size the 3 holes to BIGGER 5/16" diameter and they are FREE!

Comparable to xerox high speed copy paper.

Consistent run-ability and image quality on all office imaging equipment, making 11x17 3 hole punched paper a great choice.  Acid free office paper offers a flat even surface and 20 lbs weight.  Popular paper among large offices and in plant shops where dependability is critical. Eliminate mis feed, internal jam and uneven stacking, which means less down time, service calls and missed dead lines.  Our 11 x 17 paper 3 hole punched has a 99.9% jam free record.  Will not yellow or crumble over time.
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