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11 x 14 Page Protectors

11x14 sheet protectors that have 7 hole punching that will fit standard 3 ring 11x14 binder.  Top loading for easy insert of 11x14 posters or lobby cards. Heavy weight 11 x 14 page protectors for professional presentation books that can be used on a daily basis for an eye catching and vivid display.  

Archival poly for 11 x 14 photo enlargements and art prints portfolio that can be stored for many years. 

11 x 14 page protectors 11x14 sheet protector

11x14 sheet protectors, top loading, 7 holes on the 11" side, heavy weight polypropylene. 

Crystal clear poly is acid free and will not lift ink from 11x14 photos. Fits US 3 ring plus other 11x14 binders.

Ideal for 11x14 scrapbooking, storing 11x14 posters or easel photography.

Need a 11x14 binder? We have them here.

$1.19 ea   

11x14 page protectors vinyl heavy duty 11 x 14 sheet protectors

11 x 14 vinyl page protectors. Made of high quality and heavy gauge vinyl. Crystal clear vinyl that is not cloudy and very durable for continued use daily. 

3 holes punched on the 11" side and open on the 14" side (top loading).

This is the same quality you would find in restaurant menu covers. Not recommended for fine arts prints.

$1.09 ea  
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