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11x17 Landscape Sheet Protectors

11 x 17 sheet protectors

11x17 sheet protectors for three (3) ring binders and binding covers.  File storage of 11 x 17 paper does not have to be complicated when you have the right tools for the job.  Basic storage, insert paper in top loading sheet protectors then into a 11x17 binder, 1" to 5" paper capacities are available.  If you need space and have a 11x17 page file storage system then try our hanging file binder S-SHP.  11x17 art portfolio are perfect for show casing your poster printing, scrapbook, brochure and is archival quality.  Acid-free and PVC-free. 11x17 sheet protectors are a great way to organize your report covers or use the heavy duty vinyl for menu covers.  Protect your important engineering grid or graph paper from the elements.  Important to note that our sheet protectors for 11x17 do not have the white strip along the hole punching, this is because ours are strong enough to not need "reinforcement".  The white strips you see on many sheet protectors are printed reinforcement to keep from tearing.

11x17 Poly Sheet Protectors

11x17 sheet protectors11x17 sheet protectors, top loading, heavy weight polypropylene, 7 holes punched on the 11" side.

Crystal clear archival safe sheet protectors. Fits 11x17 binders with 3 rings plus others.

High quality poly 11x17 sheet protectors.

CB11X17P    $1.09 EA    11x17 Poly Sheet Protectors        add to cart

11x17 Vinyl Sheet Protectors

11x17 sheet protectors 
11x17 sheet protectors, side loading, heavy weight vinyl, 3 holes punched on the 11" side.

Very durable vinyl, such as commercial restaurant menu covers.  Clear 11x17 sheet protectors.

CB11X17V    $1.19 EA    11x17 Vinyl Sheet Protectors        add to cart


Q.  What is 11x17 paper size called?

A.  Tabloid (279mm x 432mm).

Q.  What is ANSI?
A.  The American National Standards Institute.

Q.  What category is 11x17 in the ANSI?
A.  11 x 17 & 17 x 11 are ANSI B.

Q.  What is the ratio of 11 x 17 paper size?
A.  1.5455

Q.  Are there other alias for 11x17 paper size?
A.  Yes. Ledger & Tabloid.

Q.  Any other similar ISO A size?
A.  Yes. A3

All information on these 11x17 Q&A are found at Wikipedia Paper Size

We do provide a discount on bulk purchases of 500 or more 11x17 sheet protectors. Please call or email us for a quote on bulk 11x17 sheet protectors.

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