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Sheet protectors of many sizes and variations. Purchase bulk sheet protectors or just a single. Sheet protectors in stock and ready to ship. We carry high quality products at a value price.  Call us if you do not see what your looking for.


11 x 8 1/2
 letter size sheet protectors

Bulk sheet protectors
Bulk sheet protectors
as low as .03 cents each. Best value on the Internet with low shipping cost.

Blue Print Sheet Protectors

Blue Print Protectors
 Large format 36" x 24"

8 1/2  x 5 1/2
small page protectors for use in many applications such as desert menu or beverage menu's.

11 x 14
  sheet protectors top loading. Choice of high strength poly or commercial use vinyl.

12 x 12
for scrapbooking. Keep those memories safe for a long time. Flap over opening to keep pictures and boards secure.

11x17 sheet protectors
11 x 17 
Landscape sheet protectors in archival poly and designed to fit your 11x17 3 ring binders for ultimate protection against soiling damage.

Business card holders

Business Cards
 Ring binder inserts, self adhesive, magnetic and ring binders.

stitched edge shop ticket holders

Shop Ticket Holders
 C-Line products, stitched edge ticket holders with optional brass eyelets.  Dual pocket shop ticket holders. Extreme durability for every day use.

Paper 11 x 17 hole punched reinforced

Paper Bright paper with FREE hole punching and also available is reinforced hole punched paper.

Itoya Profolio portfolios

Presentation Portfolio
 Line of popular Itoya brand profolio's used by professionals.

Tag out holders

Tag Out Holders
 Law required tag outs on out of oder machinery.

Poly Envelopes

Poly Envelopes Itoya Image Envelopes, Lion Design-R-Line, Sparco button and string closure poly envelopes.

photo sheet inserts page protectors

Photo Storage
 Avery, C-Line and Crane Binder brands have quality materials to protect your memories for a lifetime.

legal sheet protectors 8 1/2 x 14
14 x 8 1/2
 for legal documentation, side loading clear heavy weight for an impressive presentation and maximum protection.

Bulk sheet protectors 11x8.5 top loading Purchase bulk sheet protectors.  Top  loading, poly (no ink lifting), 7 hole punched on  11" side for multi-ring and standard US 3 ring  binders.  Bulk in quantities of 750 and up with  optional motor freight shipping on skids.    Centrally located in St. Louis, MO for fast  shipping.

Post binders, screw post binder

Post Binders
 Turned edge screw post binders made by either Crane Binder or Wilson Jones. Many sizes are available in classic green and other stock colors.

11 x 17 binders

11 x 17 Binders  Many styles available such as 3 ring view binders or turned edge in capacities from 1/2" to 5".
Aluminum Ring Binders

11 x 14 Ring Binders modeling, scrapbooking

Easl Binders

Easel Binders
 presentation binders in landscape or portrait styles. View binders for an easy customizable presentation. Durable vinyl for every day use.

ledger binders minute books and paper

Ledger Binders
 minute books and minute book refill paper.

media tote box

Media Tote Box
 can hold vital records such as death, birth, delayed birth certificates.

Cheap two pocket folders 2

Two Pocket Folders
 with dual business card slots. Available in white, black, blue, red and purple.

Custom Printed Folders

Custom Folders Printed
 On sale 50% OFF!

11x17 clipboard brown hardboard

 aluminum, hardboard and ring board

swing hinge binger SHP binders

 Super High Performance swing hinge binders.

index card ring binders

Index Card Ring Binders
are perfect for notes.

Posse Box police clipboard contractor storage clip board

Posse Box
 police storage or contractor clipboard storage.

Aluminum Ring Binders

Aluminum Ring Binders
hard anodized aluminum.
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